We are working on new designs with our clients that are mainly very expert top level sailors with olympic, GP and America's Cup pedigree. Sailing on all the yachts we designed, we realized that the essence of a good design is in the balance of all the key design features as well as the obvious/visible balance of curves, areas and volumes.
Even the most extreme design must be proportional and balanced in all the aspects, to be seaworthy and to perform well all around – what looks good performs well.




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October 30th, 2019

September 6th, 2019

July, 5th, 2019

Testing prototype. Futuristic MICRO design.

Ready to race?  

L30 European Champion 2019

is Sharifa OneDesign and Rasmus Töpsch. Congrats!


NauTen  VAL navtika test

Slovene yacht magazine VAL navtika was testing the NauTen proto at Balaton. Really nice pictures! Test results to be published in the autumn.