L30 class 

A project with many contradictory requests from Rodion Luka - olympic sailor ended up with a great sailing boat, a family one suitable for one design racing and corporate sailing. A minivan that must perform like a GT car and fit in a motorbike shed. L30class event calendar at https://l30class.org/l30/events/

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MODERN BOAT: A light, modern boat with racing character. ONE DESIGN: All boats have the same weight, equipment and rigging. TEAM BUILDING: All crew members are involved in the boat control process. FAMILY SAILING: The boat is easy to handle by two person.  EASY LOGISTICS: The boat not need a crane for lifting and splashing. Transportated on a trailer by ordinary car.  ECO-BOAT: The boat is equipped with the sail drive electric motor that can operate in the hydro-generator mode. SAILING SCHOOL: L30 is a perfect boat for training.